During difficult eocnomic times such as the present, business priorities tend to shift towards asset protection and preservation.

For business entities this might include:

  • Terminating or restructuring non-profitable or cash draining business activities;
  • Asset transfers to and from business entities;
  • Business acquisitions and sales;
  • Share capital restructuring;
  • Tax loss optimization and trading;
  • Tax reorganizations;
  • Insolvency planning; 
  • Tax planning and tax settlements;
  • Business refinancing in equity or debt;
  • Creditor negotiations and arrangements;

For corporate shareholders and business owners this might include:

  • Personal asset protection through asset protection trusts and other asset transfers;
  • Avoiding director liabilities;
  • New shareholder agreements;
  • Withdrawals and intercorporate distributions of corporate surpluses;
  • Estate planning;
  • Securing shareholder loans to corporations;
  • Tax planning for shareholder loan and advances; 
  • Strategic use of holding corporations.

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