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“The way it used to be, but with a big modern twist.”

Maitre Coderre

Maitre Coderre

We are a business law firm in the traditional or historical sense of the term.  We seek to be advisors, to have eyes where our clients do not. 

We serve the overall business needs of our clients as they pertain to their corporate structure, domestic and international business transactions, business restructuring and insolvency, tax planning, immigration, problem solving, litigation, and government affairs. 

We also provide personal legal services to the business stakeholders such as tax and estate planning and personal asset protection.

We are functionally structured in two divisions.


Business Information Division   

This is the foundation of our firm. 

We believe that, first and foremost, business entrepreneurs, managers and stakeholders need reliable current information to make smart business decisions. 

As the cliché goes, we live in a “big data” world. But this data largely consists of a mass of undigested raw information having varying shades of reliability and relevance. 

Our primary mission is thus to provide value-added information to entrepreneurs through our various information channels, namely videos, articles, and podcasts. 

Our general information channels are free of charge. 


Legal Solutions Division  

This is where we provide specialized custom solutions to clients demanding this level of depth of work or specialization, usually due to the singularity, difficulty, or importance of the issue, or because they simply have not yet found a satisfactory solution, often after receiving other advice.  

In developing these solutions, we draw from the multidisciplinary skills of our people in business law, corporate law, tax law, finance, general problem solving, and litigation if the need arises. We aim for 360 degree solutions. 

Our work is not all specialized as we also provide general legal work to our clients such as incorporations, immigration work permits, and routine agreements.

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